Flower Vase Life

When Amy Stewart joined us on the Wiggly Sofa she told us all about her book Flower Confidential (out early next year) which follows how it has come to be that the flowers that we buy at the florist almost always bear no resemblance to garden flowers - no scent and yet sometimes the stems can last for 6 weeks (SSSSPooooky) There are some amazing facts in the book: we are all aware that growers aim to extend the growing season using glass but I had no idea that in the fifties dips and dyes were introduced so that you have any colour bloom you wanted!
This book is has a top Wiggly Chocolate Rating of Milka. You'll soon be able to pre-order the book on the Wiggly Website - I'll let you know when its up on the site.
Check out Amy's Blog where she talks about the Wiggly Bouquets........To my surprise, they even include a care sheet that gives common-sense warnings about some of the flowers in the bouquet. You'd think that a florist would be afraid of scaring off customers by mentioning that "holly can prick, euphorbia can and does exude an irritating sap, some people have an allergic reaction to ivy," etc., but hey, these are farmers. They live with plants every day, and they want you to enjoy living with them, too.

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