Dealing with Live Mealworms in bags

Okay, So we've changed our packaging for live mealworms. They've still got the live meal guarantee. So if you've got any problem with your worms when they arrive, just message or email us

It's much better if we can use one tub at home and one bag of mealworms. Your tub needs to be shallow because mealworms lack a surface area to crawl over. Now you need holes in the lid - don't make them too big because the mealworms will get out. Now, the key thing is when you open your bag inside, you will see egg box, and that's because that gives the worms so much more surface area to crawl over. So pop that in the tub and then we're going to pour the remainder of the worms over them. You'll see a bit of bran as well, which they feed on.

Mealworms they like steep sided, shallow containers. So that's why your bird feeder for only worms is designed with a shallow tub and steep sides.

They need to be kept cool. So if you're happy with them in your fridge, fine. You could also put them on the garage floor or somewhere else.

It's much better to feed a small amount of mealworms every day than it is to put a huge amount out. So breakfast time is the best time to feed mealworms because your birds have had all night when they haven't had any water or any food.

Just take the egg books, shake into your tub and then put your egg box back in and wait again.

Remember, if they turn up and you're worried that they're too warm or that they're in problems, then cooling them down is key. But if you're worried about the health and well-being of your mealworms, email us. They are guaranteed to reach you in great condition.

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