Big News: More Piggies Thanks to Your Tips!

Huge thanks for the £’s you've been dropping in our Tip Box in the checkout at when ordering! They are much appreciated and it's supporting our project at Lower Blakemere Farm to turn a steep, unused bank into a lush woodland pasture for our cattle, which will help our biodiversity at the same time.

There's a lot of noise about cattle and climate change, but with your help, we're proving there is another way. Our approach isn't just different from the intensive feedlot system; it's a game-changer. It's all about low-carbon meat, boosting biodiversity, and improving soil health at the same time.

Our cattle are turning a tough spot into a thriving ecosystem. They're part of our mission to capture carbon through the trees and grasses in their pasture, cutting down greenhouse gas emissions naturally. Plus, the variety in their woodland home boosts biodiversity, giving a home to many species and enriching the cattle's diet.

Now, about our Piggies:

Our Tamworth crew has been hard at work clearing the bank, racing against Farmer Phil and his digger. To ramp up, we're bringing in the reinforcements - four Oxford Sandy and Black pigs from Boughey Livestock in Oxford (follow them for all things cattle, sheep and piggies on Instagram) They're not just about heritage; they're eco-warriors, great at clearing underbrush and improving the soil without needing chemicals.

Yes, these efforts lead to delicious, ethically produced meat. But more than that, they ensure these animals lead great lives and help preserve important breeds like the Oxford Sandy and Black pigs.

Your tips are making all this happen. It's not just about creating a great place for our cattle or clearing land. It's about saving a piece of British farming history and pushing for a sustainable future.

Thanks for being part of this journey towards a greener, more sustainable farm life where tradition meets innovation!

If you like this project, and have yet to contribute it’s easy to help. When you order any products from Wiggly Wigglers and get to the Checkout and choose to add a tip in the Woodland Pasture Tip Box. You will get regular updates on our blog, and on our videos so that you can check the progress.

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