Beyond the Wiggle July 2021

Dear Wiggly Customer

Down on the farm…
We’re getting ready for harvest here at Blakemere – it usually starts on my Birthday (25th July) so we’ll see how that pans out this year. Just at the moment we have the header arrived for the combine but not the actual harvester itself – it’s on the way though. Farming is a risky business – of course you are reliant on the weather and the combine itself is a piece of kit costing over £350,000 so getting the crops in is a pretty critical operation. If you have yet to watch Clarkson’s Farming – it’s well worth tuning in (Amazon Prime) as it does give you a real insight to life on the farm (and is laugh out loud funny). As one of the Duchy’s five focus farms for natural capital we are becoming more and more focussed on our soil and our mix of farming which has been a real benefit we think to our sustainability (as well as our diversifications). We were pleased to welcome the Duchy Rural Council here a couple of weeks ago to share what we’ve been up to – planting trees, counting worms in the soil and so on. Here’s a bit more from our landlord on the importance of food and farms like ours… fbclid=IwAR2dnCS_EeP3BU1gT0nFXuQ3ecQus9ljw24ZORZW7z_ClWDbsJj5EnvqFj0
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