Welcome to Community Garden Week 2022

Community garden week 2022 celebrates the amazing community and school gardens across the UK.
Community gardens and school gardens come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and styles. They all have a different heart and a unique mission. What each one of them has in common though, is the ability to bring people together using the power of nature to inspire, heal and make people happy.
Here at Wiggly's we believe that Composting methods like Bokashi are great additions to community gardens, helping deal with waste and provide for plants and the environment.
How can you produce your own fertiliser?
Using kitchen waste and turning it into fermentation mass has never been easier. The sale of home composters like Bokashi Organko is growing, since more and more people would like to participate in this new movement. Home gardeners have discovered that dinner leftovers can easily be re-used as a nutritious organic fertiliser for their crops, plants or herbs.
All you need to start making your own fertiliser is a convenient Bokashi Organko composter. It is effortless to use since it only requires you to feed it with kitchen waste. After each layer, you sprinkle bokashi bran full of special microorganisms, making the waste ferment, not decay. Once full, it takes two weeks for the fermentation process to run its course.
In the meantime, you need to drain the bokashi liquid from the composter regularly. This fluid rich in nutrition can be diluted with water and instantly used to water your plants or balcony crops.
After two weeks, the bokashi mass is ready to be buried in your garden, where it slowly dissolves and thus enriches the soil. Approximately two months into the process, the pickled contents will be almost entirely absorbed by the garden soil.
For more help with Bokashi Composting please visit our Wiggly Wizard knowledge base here https://wiggly-wigglers-faq.malcolm.app/

Or if you want more info about purchasing a bokashi kit or please pop on over to https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/collections/bokashi-organico-kits

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