Keeping your wormery active in a heatwave

I don’t want us to join in with the press hysteria about a few hot days but as it is particularly hot there are a few things that you can do to ensure your worms thrive. They are pretty resilient – they will burrow into the soil/compost inside your wormery and generally should be fine BUT it is important to site the kit in the shade and ensure there is enough bedding for them to burrow into and at the same time ensure you don’t overfeed.

Wiggly Tips for managing your worms in the heat.

SHADE: Find a shady spot for your kit. If you lack the space repurpose a hessian bag or a brolly to create some shade (or pop inside your garage).

BALANCED BEDDING: Make sure you have plenty of cardboard or bits of shredded newspaper in your kit so that there is plenty of space for the worms to burrow in and make sure it’s damp and has a damp moisture mat over the top.

FEEDING: Worms will slow down their eating when it’s too hot so make sure you are not adding too many kitchen scraps as these will generate heat as they brake down.

FREEZING THE WASTE OR USING ICE: If its really hot freezing your waste or adding ice to your kit will help cool the whole thing down. A worm ice lolly!!!!!

Overall it’s worth remembering your worms are used to different temperatures and one of the most popular countries for vermiculture and worm composting is Australia… so no need to panic. Mostly enjoy the sunshine all.

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