What on EARTH is Bokashi?!

Bokashi is a Japanese word for fermenting so unlike most composting methods your aim is not to produce a fabulous friable earthy compost (you need worms for that) but rather you will end up with a bit of a yukky mush… *technical term… However, get things right with Bokashi and you can deal with all sorts of waste (including meat and cooked scraps) and in large quantities and you will have a liquid feed, a natural drain cleaner and a fertiliser that can be used directly under your plants or added to a conventional compost bin to really activate it!

For more help with Bokashi Composting please visit our Wiggly Wizard knowledge base here https://wiggly-wigglers-faq.malcolm.app/

Or if you want more info about purchasing a bokashi bin or starting composting please pop on over to


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