Bothered about Bags…

Just like you we are really bothered about bags… bothered about bags and boxes and tape and waste… and how we can play our part to do things better. At the moment our seed is mixed and bagged to order and our aim is to minimise our packaging and reduce our waste.

We already shred the cardboard boxes we receive and use that as packaging – and of course we reuse any other packing material that comes in. We compost our compostable waste and do our best to minimise our impact.
We’ve used paper bags where we can for over 30 years (!!!) and all sizes of birdfood up to 6 kilos are packed in paper. The larger bags need to be much stronger and so we used woven polypropylene which means most times we avoid any extra box or bag as outer packing. Now we’ve taken that one step further and if you are not able to re-use your bags if you send them back to us – we will do that here.

If you buy products that are packed in our paper bags you can recycle them or if you prefer composting is a great option.  The easiest way to compost your bags is to shred or tear them up and they work really well in a hot bin or a wormery.

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