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Preventing Food Poisoning in Birds

  Occasionally you may come across a dead or dying bird near your feeding area. The diagnosis is more likely than not that the bird has contracted a form of food poisoning. These issues are less likely to occur in the wild as birds just wouldn't feed in such numbers at the same time and same place day after day... The good news is that this is easily sorted: - If you feed a seed which has a husk, clear up the waste regularly. - Feeders and bird tables need to be cleaned every few weeks using a proper disinfectant. - Move your...

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How to feed your garden birds without attracting rats

Worried that Feeding garden birds will attract rats?

Tom Waters, one of the RSPB's wildlife advisors, said: "We have lots of calls from people who've spotted rats in their garden and are worried they will have to stop feeding their garden birds.

But as long as a little common sense is exercised, you can keep the birds in your garden happy and well fed without ever having to see another rat again."

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