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British Bird of the Month: Goldfinch


This small finch is strikingly colourful with a bright red face, golden brown body and bright yellow wing bars. It is noticeably more slender and dainty than its chaffinch and greenfinch relatives. They have a delightful liquid twittering song and call which is what usually first attracts you to their presence.

They can be found where there are scattered bushes and trees, rough ground with thistles and other seeding plants. They are year round residents, but are absent from the extreme north-west. They are even now common in Australasia after being introduced by settlers.

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Seed Spotlight: Layers Pellets + Mash with Bokashi!

Wiggly Bokashi is a revolutionary material. Made right here on the farm, it's based on bran which has been 'inoculated' with beneficial micro-organisms. Now it's available dry-mixed with a top quality Layers Mash for feeding to domestic chickens and ducks (suitable for birds over the age of 17 weeks).

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British Bird of the Month: Great Tit


The Great Tit is the largest European tit – about the size of a House Sparrow. It is found throughout the UK and is the most scientifically investigated British bird.

Males can be separated from females as they have a much broader black stripe down their belly.

The Great Tits’ song is varied, and this can give the impression that there are more of them in a territory than there actually are. It’s perhaps best known for its piercing “teecher-teecher” song which is usually heard in the spring and summer.

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Seed Spotlight: Farmer Phil's British Mix

This birdfeed is not just designed for British Birds (although it is perfect for them), no, this is British Mix because it's grown in British fields by Farmer Phil and some of his friends.

There is no compromise on quality, it includes Phil's special, high protein, Indigo wheat plus unrolled oats, black sunflower seeds, rape seeds, millet, linseed, canary seed and a little oyster grit. For year round use.

Made in Britain: Lots of birdfoods cant be grown here (think peanuts for one) This mix is grown by Farmer Phil and his friends.

Cost effective: Less transport, home grown = value for money.

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