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Self-Watering Planters


Urbalive Raised Planter Stone


Urbalive Low Planter Stone


Our new range of stylish self-watering planters from Plastia - designed to match our Urbalive Worm Composters.

These self-watering planters are a system of two interlocking trays, where the bottom portion serves as a water container and the upper part holds both substrate and plants. Water is brought up into the substrate using a textile wick. As the plants grow larger, their roots grow through to the bottom and will be able to absorb water on their own. An air gap between the trays ensures a necessary supply of air to the roots. Thanks to this system, your plants have exactly as much water as is needed.

Worm casts, also known as worm compost or vermicompost, can be a great addition to your planter or garden. Worm casts are nutrient-rich and provide plants with essential minerals and microorganisms that promote healthy growth.

To use worm casts in a planter, follow these steps:

  1. Fill the planter with a good-quality potting mix or soil.

  2. Mix in worm casts with the soil. The general rule of thumb is to use about 10-20% worm casts to the total volume of soil.

  3. Water the planter thoroughly to help distribute the worm casts and nutrients throughout the soil.

  4. Plant your seeds or plants according to the instructions on the seed packet or plant label.

  5. Continue to water the planter regularly, taking care not to overwater or let the soil dry out completely.

  6. As the plants grow, you can top up the planter with more worm casts to provide additional nutrients.

By using worm casts in your planter, you can help your plants thrive and produce healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables.