Your Garden In Autumn

1. Harvesting

If you've ever seen nature's spectacular autumnal foliage, you already know that the peak colour season lasts only a few weeks. And then, the leaves drop off… leaving bare branches and twigs behind. It seems cruel at first, but there's a reason why nature does this - it helps create a brilliant display of colours for us to enjoy from afar.

2. Pruning

The beauty of a deciduous tree is its ability to change with the seasons. As the temperature drops, the trees lose their leaves and gain colourful fruits and nuts that look great against the backdrop of winter snow. This transition is called shedding, and it happens automatically as long as the right conditions exist. Once the weather turns cold enough, the trees' buds start to swell, and they begin to bloom and release their seeds.

3. Pests

In late summer, many pests emerge from hiding places to feast on fresh fruit and nuts. At this time of year, you'll find yourself fighting off squash bugs, moths and  aphids.

4. Cleanup

Autumn cleanup is easier than spring cleanup. When the weather gets colder, the ground freezes, and rainwater settles into mulch beds. With these natural deterrents, you won't have to work as hard to keep your yard tidy.

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