Composting at Christmas

A huge amount of Christmas waste can be composted this Christmas and it’s a great time to get started as it’s a time of year where we humans do produce a good deal of waste and if you get composting it should free up valuable space in your general bin! 

In fact why not ask for a Wormery or a Bokashi kit for Christmas? It’s a great gift and it has all the best ingredients for a present… Instructions - Live WORMS - mess….

Seriously if you are going to send an Urbalive Worm Composting Kit as a Christmas gift choose the option where we send a voucher for the worms instead of live worms - this way the recipient can at least set up their wormery when they are ready…. 

So, what Christmas waste can you compost?

Food waste: Uncooked fruit and vegetable wastes can all be composted. That includes the peelings from your Christmas dinner vegetables and the Satsuma peel leftovers from your Christmas stocking. 

Even cooked foods can be composted if you use a bokashi bin or wormery.

Wrapping paper, Christmas cards and Cardboard (from packaging): The best option with these is where you can re-use them - we all now surely cut up cards to make gift tags and I like a bit of last year’s Christmas paper myself. However, paper and card is a great way to add fibre and air to your wormery and adding a good layer in your garden compost heap will balance out too much green waste and speed the whole thing up. 

Christmas trees: Whilst it is possible to compost a whole (real) Christmas tree it probably isn’t the best option for the whole thing but when the pine needles fall off the tree as they invariably do you can certainly compost these. There is a misconception that composting pine needles will result in acidic compost. It’s not true, by the time the needles are composted they will have lost most of their acidic potency.

And the weather? The composting process does work fastest in warm conditions. However, there is a range of ways to insulate your bin and to get the composting process kickstarted in the cold and worms and bokashi work all year round so happy days. 

If you're looking to get started with Bokashi Composting, please Wiggle on over to and take a look at our New Organico Bokashi Kits! or If you haven't given it a go, why not consider starting Worm Composting in one of our Urbalive Worm Composters?

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