Storing your Birdfood

1: Most importantly as always start off with a good quality birdseed. Check on arrival to ensure there are no signs of damage or mould.

2: Keep the seed in a clean and dry container. You can use the bags that we send our seed in but use a clip to ensure the bag is resealed. Otherwise use a plastic container or handy birdfood tin with a sealable lid to ensure you keep your seed well out of the way of unwanted guests.

3: Store your seed in a cool dry place. Your birdseed is the perfect place for moths and other bugs if you keep it in a warm place which would be bad news for your birds and even worse news for you and your family. Your garage or a good shed is the best option.

If your birdseed is properly stored it can be kept for many months and still provide great nutrition for your birds, and of course buying bags over 12.55kg will also mean you will avoid VAT and so will ensure you get the very best value for money.

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