Everything You Need to Know About Composting Worms

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New to worms, compost or both? Here’s a little worm 101 to get you ready for welcoming your new wriggly friends home! (Or to help you out with that science project...)

Compost worms vs. earthworms

There are lots of interesting scientific articles on this topic, but we’re going to simplify things: Compost worms are pretty similar to earthworms, they just have much larger appetites and eat a wider range of materials (like your food scraps).

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Compost worms lay eggs

Yep, compost worms lay eggs. If you buy your worms online, you'll probably get a mixture of live mature worms and unhatched eggs. If you’ve got live worms in the mix, you won’t have to worry too much about hatching the eggs yourself, you can just add the whole bunch into the Subpod once it’s set up.

If you choose to buy only eggs, your composting journey will be a bit slower. Hatching worm eggs can take some time, and it might be 2 - 3 months before you’re really able to feed your Subpod. So if you’re keen to get composting ASAP, reconsider buying eggs!

How to hatch compost worm eggs

Compost worm eggs have 2-5 baby worms inside, and will usually hatch within 6 - 8 weeks. But worm eggs can be a fickle, so if the weather is too hot or cold, you might end up waiting longer than that.

To hatch your eggs, place them into your Subpod with some damp coco coir bedding, and add in enough food scraps (mixed with carbon like paper) to cover them. Keep checking on your eggs every few days, and make sure your Subpod stays moist inside. Eventually, they’ll hatch and you can start composting!

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