Make Your Own Soil Factory

Turning your Bokashi into friable compost. You can use your finished bokashi straight away in the garden and it will break down really quickly and add lots of nutrients and benefits to the soil, or you can add it into your compost heap where it will break down and make fabulous compost…. But what do you do if you have very little space but do want to your own potting soil and compost? You process the Bokashi in your very own SOIL FACTORY!

What is a soil factory?

This is your own potting compost factory… It’s just like your garden centre shop bought compost but it’s free – it’s home made and you know all the ingredients as they’ve been added by you!

How will a soil factory benefit my garden?

Whilst you can add your Bokashi pre-compost straight into your garden by digging a trench and if you have a compost heap you can add it into there too lots of us are lacking in space and a soil factory is a small, portable composter that can be used all year round to turn your bokashi into friable potting compost.

How to make a soil factory for processing Bokashi.

  1. You’ll need a plastic storage box with or without a lid. (The lid mustn’t be airtight as your soil factory needs to breathe)
  2. Put a couple of scoops of garden soil in the bottom of the box (or leftover potting mix or old compost from your pot plants)
  3. Tip in half your bucket of fermented bokashi, then a layer of soil, and then the remaining fermented bokashi.
  4. Mix it in so that the soil mixes with the bokashi.
  5. Add a top layer of soil (10cm or so). Put the lid back on if you have one, loosely. If you don’t have a lid use some cardboard or similar to help keep moisture in.
  6. Protect from rain or animals if necessary

In a couple of weeks

When you have a look in a couple of weeks you’ll see there’s more soil and less Bokashi. Your soil factory is doing its work! You will end up with  “super soil”, an excellent soil improver to spread around your flower beds, use in planter boxes or outdoor pots, or sprinkle around plants that need a vitamin boost. This potting soil will be great for young plants when you mix it with coir or similar.

You can run your soil factory more or less forever. Just repeat as above. Click here our Bokashi Kits or Bokashi Bran

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