Creating our own liquid fertiliser in the Johnson-Su Bioreactor!

Monty has set up three IBC Johnson-Su’s here at Lower Blakemere as part of our regenerative agriculture journey. The aim is to create our own liquid fertiliser in the Johnson-Su Bioreactor and make our own microbial inoculant – in particular to reduce our use of standard purchased nitrogen.

A Johnson-Su BioReactor can provide several benefits to farmers who are practicing regenerative agriculture. Here’s our top six.
1. Enhancing Soil Health: The liquid feed (and the worm castings) produced by a Johnson-Su are rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that can help improve soil health and fertility. You can produce commercial scale amounts of liquid fertiliser using this method.
2. Increasing Crop Yields: By adding the liquid and worm casts to the soil, farmers can increase the availability of nutrients for plants, leading to healthier crops and higher yields.
3. Reducing Waste: Vermicomposting with a Johnson-Su can help farmers reduce waste by converting food scraps and other organic materials into nutrient-rich fertiliser.

4. Saving Money: Farmers can save money by producing their own fertiliser and reduce the use of purchased chemicals and fertilisers.
5. Improving Sustainability: Vermicomposting with a Johnson-Su is a sustainable practice that helps reduce the environmental impact of farming by reducing waste and chemical inputs.
6. Enhancing Biodiversity: The use of a Johnson-Su can also enhance biodiversity by promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, which in turn can support a healthier ecosystem.

Overall, using a Johnson-Su worm bin as part of a regenerative agriculture journey can help farmers improve soil health, increase crop yields, save money, and promote sustainability and biodiversity on their farms.

Of course you will need WORMS! We’ve added 500g of worms to each IBC (which are about 1 metre cubed) and this has worked really well. Wait until the Johnson-Su has cooled (usually about 3 weeks after you have set it up and pop the worms into the top layer – they will soon find their way through your IBC and will also do a great job in your soil when you use the compost.

ORDER 500g of composting worms here

For information and help on your farm’s regenerative agriculture contact our advisor RegenBen - he’s possibly the first proclaimed Bioagriecologist! He’s a straight talking husband, farmer, consultant, public speaker, Nuffield Scholar and Oxford Farming Conference Director! AND he knows his stuff :)

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