Farmer Phil and his Birdseed

Lower Blakemere Farm has always specialised in growing seed. Whether that’s grass seed which ends up being planted at Wimbledon or barley seed which goes to another farm to grow barley for malting… So growing and mixing and bagging birdseed seemed like a good add on to the products we could supply here on the farm. Farmer Phil put in a cleaning plant, made a bagging plant, and sorted the ingredients needed for the birdfood whether they are grown here or purchased from other farmers. (No, we haven’t got the weather or the technology to grow peanuts in Herefordshire…)
Once this was done we sorted out the packaging. We chose paper all those years ago to avoid plastic where we can. These days orders for bags under 12.55kg are bagged to order and we use woven polypropylene for the large bags. This is indeed recyclable BUT plastic based. However, you may be pleased to learn that this type of bag means we do not have to pack them into any outer bag or box and so DOES save a huge amount of waste, and if you gather up a good amount and return them you can rely on us to reuse them all. 
Waste not, want not as the saying goes. 
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