WW make the San Francisco Chronicle

If ever you needed convincing the Podcasting reaches the parts other communication can't reach - HERE IS THE PROOF. Amy Stewart - the US author and writer visited Wiggly Wigglers last month and has put out various Blog Posts This one will give you lots of information on Mealworms by the way. But now she has written an article in the San Francisco Chronicle(!) entitled: Wiggly Wigglers podcasts dish the dirt on gardening She says "Listening to the Wiggly podcast is like eavesdropping on an animated conversation between passionate gardeners." and "It's in the English countryside, that's where. From a small farm in Herefordshire, 150 miles west of London, comes what may be the world's best gardening podcast." Thank you Amy. I'm not sure if we are the World's best but we are certainly have a set of corking iTunes reviews - 17 on the UK site and 3 on the US site makes 20 5 star reviews.
And here is Michaels growth of the podcast chart based on bandwidth. Depending on which colour line you choose will depend on how much more gigawotsits he thinks we will need......

If you know of corking gardening, farming podcasts please let me know them. I love tuning into geek.farm.life in Indiana for starters but we'll put up a top ten if you tune into other corkers.

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