Organic Gardening Book Review

By the way if this book looks green its not really - its just me and the Blogger buttons trying to get things sorted (sorry)
Gaby Bartai Bevan - editor of Organic Gardening Magazine has written a glowing report of our Wiggly Book written by Jenny Steel Here's a bit of it........ "In depth sections on creatures, plants, design and techniques provide a blueprint for transposing its successes to your own garden." and here's my favourite bit......" is also one of the most enviably well designed books I've encountered, with a truly original take on layout. I can't recommend this book too highly; its a delight."
There you go then. If you would like one order
And............for a little snippet from the book:
"If September is warm, butterflies such as red admiral and comma will still be seeking nectar from Michaelmas Daisies"

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