The tale of the missing suet blocks.........

Had this note and piccy in from one of the Wiggly customers - Robyn. I have a bunch of yob Starlings on the birdfeeder outside the Wiggly office and they crack me up. They are so busy arguing with each other that the sparrows end up getting plenty of food!

Thank you for a fantastic product and service.

I was convinced that somebody was stealing the WigglySeedExtra suet blocks from my bird feeding station, as I would put one out in the morning and it had vanished by the time I returned home from work.

On watching the Starling chicks attack it this morning, I can now rest assured that the blocks are not getting stolen, but have become an integral link in the food chain. My feeding station has become a nursery where starling moms and dads bring their chicks to teach them healthy feeding habits (whilst giving me hours of pleasure as I laugh at the fledglings practise their crash landings and squabble for balance on the hanging feeder).

Thank you,

Robyn Anderson

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