Harvesting your Worm Compost!

Gradually add waste until the top tray is completely full. This will take longer than you think because every time you add waste and the worms process it - it drastically reduces in volume. At this stage most of the worms will be in the Top Tray - the Bottom Tray will contain fully worked waste, ie worm casts. Now is the time to take out the Bottom Working Tray and harvest the rich casts. Once you have emptied this Bottom Working Tray it goes back on the top of the pile becoming the new Top Working Tray and you start adding scraps here to begin the process all over again.

Note: When starting a new Working Tray you don't need to add further bedding as you did when first setting up the kit. The worms will make their own bedding as they progress up through the system.

It may take over 6 months for your system to become ready to harvest its first compost. Thereafter you should be able to harvest new bottom trays full of compost on a regular basis. Important: Add a handful of Lime Mix and Worm Treat every couple of weeks with your kitchen scraps.

Worm Tea: You will produce an on-going supply of worm tea which is really rich in nutrients. Dilute 1 part worm tea to 10 parts water and use on houseplants and throughout your garden.

If you haven't given it a go, why not consider starting Worm Composting in one of our new Urbalive Worm Composters? 


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