This Just In - Urbalive Self Watering Planters!

Our new range of stylish self-watering planters from Plastia - designed to match our Urbalive Worm Composters. The Urbalive planter is suitable for interiors and roofed terraces. It is perfect for houseplants, flowers, herbs or less demanding vegetables.

These self-watering planters are a system of two interlocking trays, where the bottom portion serves as a water container and the upper part holds both substrate and plants. Water is brought up into the substrate using a textile wick. As the plants grow larger, their roots grow through to the bottom and will be able to absorb water on their own. An air gap between the trays ensures a necessary supply of air to the roots. Thanks to this system, your plants have exactly as much water as is needed.

If you're looking for a convenient way to use the nutrient-rich worm casts and worm tea from your wormery, look no further than these planters. The built-in reservoir of the planter allows for a steady supply of moisture to the plants, while the worm casts provide a natural source of fertilizer. Simply add the worm casts to the soil and watch your plants thrive. Not only is this an eco-friendly way to dispose of your kitchen waste, but it also produces healthy plants that will brighten up any space. With a self-watering planter, your worms' hard work can continue to benefit your home long after they've done their job.

Available In Stone, Cream, Lime or Brown

Raised Planter £114 | Low Planter £108

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