Using your Bokashi Compost in the garden

After the Composter has been completely filled, the beneficial micro-organisms in the Bokashi take around two weeks to work their magic. After a fortnight has passed you can add the contents of your Bokashi Composter to a conventional compost heap or bury it directly in the ground. Beware if burying however, Bokashi treated waste is a powerful compost, it may be too strong for some new planting. The best course of action is to dig the compost into a bed, mixing well with the existing soil, then leave it for two or three weeks before adding plants to the bed.

 Burying Bokashi Compost in the ground is an excellent way of promoting soil health, indeed the whole principle of beneficial micro-organ- isms was conceived of by Professor Higa as a way of returning goodness to soils that had been overworked and treated with artificial fertilisers. Fresh Bokashi Compost has a low pH (ie it is acidic) but it will neutralise (pH close to 7) after 7-10 days when mixed with soil.


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