Revolutionising Waste: Kitchen Waste into a Nutrient-Rich Plant Booster!

Bokashi “composting” may not fit the traditional composting definition, but it effectively recycles kitchen waste, including meat and dairy, into a nutrient-rich tea for your plants and a safe soil conditioner. The process involves placing various kitchen scraps, typically prohibited in aerobic systems, into an indoor kit. Mixed with Bokashi Bran, rich in friendly micro-organisms, the waste is layered in the bucket. Once filled, the sealed bucket ferments for approximately 10 days. Minimal maintenance is required, and you can draw off the nutrient tea. When ready, open the bucket outdoors to release the pickled, completely fermented waste. This “pre-compost” can then be buried in your compost heap or garden, breaking down rapidly to provide excellent nutrients for your plants (avoid direct contact with plant roots for a couple of weeks due to acidity).

We really believe there is now downside to Bokashi Composting - start today at

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