The RSPB myth busting on feeding in July.

Birds don’t need feeding in summer:


In winter, supplementary food is often the only option for birds as natural food sources like berries get buried under snow and ice and insects are few and far between. But in summer birds will still be grateful for extra treats, as many are busy raising their young. The RSPB recommends little and often, and says that birds probably won’t eat quite as much as during the colder months.

Bread and milk are good for birds and hedgehogs:


Many animals are intolerant of the lactose in milk which can lead to diarrhoea, dehydration and death. It is also bad for hedgehog’s teeth. Milk is iron deficient so in excess can cause dietary imbalance. In drought conditions animals may drink milk rather than water, to their detriment. It is bad for garden hygiene and the spread of disease as it will readily curdle if left for any length of time. 

Whilst bread won’t do birds any harm, it doesn’t offer any nutritional value either and acts as a ‘filler.’ Crumbled up cake or plain biscuits would be more suitable and porridge oats are popular with many birds too.

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Wiggly Tip

Your hedgehog food is an excellent mix to pop out at night for Hoggy – usually he will find a sheltered place to lie to try popping out some food right by your shed or hedge for best effect.

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