What to feed your Garden Birds this Spring


It's officially British Summer Time and we will soon be woken up by the full dawn chorus.

In terms of feeding your garden birds you can't really go wrong. There's a few things to avoid: Of course make sure your peanuts are in a specifically designed peanut feeder so that there's no risk of birds choking! Make sure you clean your feeders regularly as the biggest risk in the warmer weather is the spread of disease and this is most likely to happen where your birds congregate - your birdfeeders.

Apart from that there's no set rules, birds like different foods and this can really radically vary from garden to garden! Still there's a few ways to bring your garden to life and support your birds in the breeding season.

The key at this time of year is LIVE mealworms. When adults are feeding their young they need protein of course but they also need water, and the only way that birds in the nest get a drink is through live insects which contain water fat and protein. This is why live mealworms are so fantastic for this time of year. There's no need to buy mini mealworms, whilst fledglings love minis they can happily deal with adult mealworms and they're much more cost effective so better feed more than buy minis (in my view). 

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For a really good source of energy whilst the weather is cooler I think one of the best foods is our suet pellets. They are a great source of fat and the equivalent of a Maccy D's in terms of fast food! 

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Lastly a good seed mix will provide the adults with the fuel they need to nuture their young throughout the season. The one I suggest you go for is Wiggly Seed Extra - it has a wheat-free recipe with an extra-high oil content containing small striped sunflowers, small black sunflower, canary seed, hemp, buckwheat, black rape and linseed.



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