Simply the Nest...

1. Birds Need Trees

Birds nest on trees because they like the shelter and protection from predators that nature provides. They like to raise their young in a safe environment which means making sure that they have plenty of places to perch and hide. However, birds need tree branches or twigs to build nests. They choose to nest on small, thin branches because the larger ones would break off too easily.


2. Nests Are Important

Nest building is a necessary skill for birds because the location of their eggs is critical to survival. It is much easier to incubate eggs in a protected place where predators cannot reach them. And having a secure nest protects the chicks from being eaten by a predator.


3. Nesting Grounds Grow Fast

When a bird builds its nest it lays down fibrous material to help anchor the nest to a sturdy branch. This anchors the nest into the tree and prevents it from falling under heavy winds. A bird will also carefully select the location of her nest. She will choose a spot that is away from any large rocks or objects that may fall on the nest while she sleeps. When choosing a nest site, she will look for a tall tree with dense foliage. Trees with low branches and leaves that extend far above the ground won’t offer enough cover for the chicks to escape danger. The nest should be located near some kind of water source so that the mother can return frequently to feed the baby birds until they fledge.

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