Podcast 52 is particularly funny....

Even if you have a Podcast Build Up of shows you want to listen to, I have just heard Wiggly Podcast 52 and I have to say just miss out the others - even if they are Wiggly ones, and tune into this Show... It does contain information on acorns, logmaking and lots more, but its pure entertainment listening to Ricardo explaining how he fell off a ladder and broke this and that. Regular listeners will know that its worth waiting a few moments at the end of the show because this is where Michael will add the occasional out-take. Dont miss this weeks outtake - I may be biased but I think it is even funnier than Ricky Gervais, Ask Elvis and French Maid TV put together. (Well it might not be, just let me know)
And for extra evidence on why you should tune in, here's our latest reviews:
Amanda from Chicago is obsessed wit the Wiggly Podcast and says, and we have two new reviews on iTunes:
Julie Woods 5 stars "Wonderful Wigglers": "Thank you I have finally caught up with all your podcasts, they are wonderful, funny and intelligent. I have listened to a few podcasts at work with my colleagues say that Heather is as mad as me but that is a good thing, your energy and passion is admirable. I gave you five stars (as you say to)but have never listened to other podcasts. Is Richard married? As he doesn't disagree with women I could use a man like that!"
and another five starrer from Gardening Witch "An absolute MILKA!!
"I recently discovered this podcast and am spending many a happy hour catching up on the archives I've just listened to the Tim Smit interview. The podcast provides a highly entertaining and informative view of all things rural in Herefordshire. The standard is outstanding, and maintained every week. I have learnt much from Farmer Phil's ramblings and his heated discussions with Richard. And Heather's links and laughter are absolute CORKERS!! The working life at Wiggly Wigglers sounds brilliant. I'm heartened to discover that at least some people have found a job they so obviously enjoy. Keep up the good work!!

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