Wiggly Deal of the Month November 2023 - 5kg of Bokashi Active Bran for £20 (Saving £5)

From our farm in the heart of Herefordshire, we are the UK's largest producer of Bokashi Active Bran!

Our Bokashi Active Bran is the heart of our Bokashi Composting system. It is a dry mixture of bran and molasses that has been inoculated with beneficial micro-organisms... a carefully controlled mixture of microscopic bacteria, yeasts and fungi that work together to speed-up composting, suppress pathogens, prevent putrefaction and eliminate foul odours.

Using it couldn't be easier... just sprinkle a layer of Bokashi over the kitchen waste you want to compost. The beneficial micro-organisms in the Bokashi get to work treating your waste in a process that takes just a couple of weeks, after which it breaks down amazingly rapidly when is incorporated into soil or added to a conventional compost heap. Simply dilute the juice 1 part to 30 parts water and put it on your plants for an excellent fertiliser.


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