Making your Garden Hoggy Friendly…

It’s pretty tough being a hedgehog. Whilst their defence mechanism is to roll up into a prickly ball, I’m afraid that’s no help when up against a car or truck. To be honest the ball idea isn’t much good against badgers… As their numbers have increased enormously hedgehogs have declined. It’s just too easy for those huge badger paws to make light work of hoggy…

So, it’s even more important that our gardens provide as much help as possible to hedgepigs. They will reward us by snacking on slugs and snails.

If you have a very well fenced very tidy garden here’s another excuse to relax just a little bit… Hedgehogs travel up to a mile each night to forage and so they need easy access in and out of your garden. Yes, you will need holes in the bottom of your fence.

Of course they really a bit of long grass and a hedge– especially if you don’t rake and clear too much. A few fallen leaves behind your shed will help to provide shelter too. Compost heaps food, shelter and warmth so remember to go carefully when turning or harvesting it.

Putting out food can really help - They LOVE Live Mealworms and you can even use a bit of dog or cat food. Don’t use bread and milk (it causes diarrhoea) – water is fine. By the way hoggys can swim but many drown when they can't get out of a pond, so make sure you have easy access in and out.

Most baby hedgehogs are born in June and July and whilst most die before they leave the nest, - a little extra food and some warm nights could make all the difference to the survival rate of your brood. Fingers crossed.

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