How to look after your Bouquet and Flowers

How to look after your Bouquet

As soon as your flowers are delivered:

1: Carefully remove all external packaging, including the nappy. It is important to ensure that you retain the shape of the floral bouquet, leaving the securing string tied around the stems. The way the

flowers are tied ensures that they will stand nicely in their jar and provide an great display from all angles. Wiggly Tip: Holding your bouquet over the sink is the easiest option.2: Once all the packaging is removed but the bouquet still tied, lay the bouquet of flowers on their side and cut - at an angle of 45° - approximately half a centimetre off the bottom of each stem.3: Fill the vase with room-temperature water to approximately three quarters full, adding the specialist flower food crystals provided. (Keep the spare packs safe – you will need those)

4: Put your flowers in a cool place out of direct sunlight and enjoy them :0)

Aftercare – really important.

Lightly spray your bouquet with a gentle mist of water daily.

Change the water every two days. Cloudy, discoloured or smelly water should be discarded and replaced with fresh, room temperature water. Remove dead or dying flower heads or stems from the bouquet. If the leaves on the fruit dry out – either leave them or just pick them off.

Always ensure that the vase you use is completely clean, as any residue can harbor bacteria, which can significantly reduce the life of your flowers.

A few days after receiving your flowers and placing them in their vase, it is a good idea to re-cut the stems. Trim another half a centimetre from the base of each stem, as this will remove any air bubbles that may have built up in the stem, and should help to revitalise the flower.

Emily popping one of our bouquets into the box in the Wiggly Floristry

The Florists - Em and Ricky with Monty and three different Wiggly Bouquets

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