Latest Wormery review.

Latest Review on the Wiggly Website - Thank you Sonia.

"I have had various versions of wormery from Wigglys over the years but for last few years have had a Worm Factory which is (I think)very similar to worm cafe. This is the easiest. Once I mastered putting in enough paper and cardboard I have never looked back and the compost and the worm tea are an essential part of my gardening. I put kitchen towel that has not touched meat or chemicals in the peely bin and also empty loo rolls. I start each new tray with a few torn strips of newspaper, and then I will also add any brown paper bags that come from veg on the market. During the winter I collect the worm tea in empty Ecover 5 litre bottles because in the spring and summer I will have plenty of use for it in my hanging baskets, strawberry tower and tomatoes. I do not buy food for any of those things, just use diluted worm-tea. I do buy the acid-lime balance stuff (for occasional use if the bedding starts to look a bit slimy), the worm treat and moisture mats but less than once a year. Once the system is up and running the outlay is pretty minimal. In all I have had a wormery or wormeries for 8 or 9 years and can't imagine being without one."

Sometimes people are put off having a wormery in case it's hard work or difficult. Worm Cafe (or Can-O-Worms) change all that because of two main reasons:

1: They are really easy to keep aerated as the air flows throughout the tray system naturally (unlike the solid bin type)

2: You can harvest the compost from the bottom tray without disturbing the trays above (much better for faster composting.

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