Bokashi Composting Troubleshooting Guide

What can go wrong?

Not a lot. The Bokashi fermentation process is extremely simple, however if you notice that a particular load of waste is rotting (smelling foul) instead of fermenting (smelling of pickles) it is a sign that something has indeed gone wrong. There are four possible reasons for this:

1. The lid has not been replaced tightly after adding the waste. The beneficial micro-organisms in the Bokashi Bran work at their best in anaerobic conditions (ie when there is no oxygen about). if the lid is left open - even just a crack - air can get into the composter and stop the beneficial micro-organisms from working properly. So squash down fresh waste to squeeze the air out and always seal the lid down tight.

2. Not enough Bokashi Active Bran has been added. Every 30-40mm deep layer of waste needs a sprinkling of Bokashi Bran over its whole surface. For best performance, always try to add a little extra Bokashi when composting high protein waste such as fish and meat scraps.

3. The Bokashi Juice has not been drained sufficiently frequently. Drain often, but remember always to close the tap after use. The tap too makes an air tight seal and prevents air from getting in and spoiling the fermentation process.

4. The Bokashi Composting system has been kept in an extremly warm spot, such as by a sunny window where the sun can shine directly on to the housing.waste is rotting not fermenting and some action is needed (see above).


What should I do with a failed load?

if a particular load has rotted instead of fermented (see above) you should dig a hole somewhere in the garden (choose a spot that's away from plants if possible) and bury the failed batch mixed in with some soil and two or three handfuls of Bokashi. Back fill the hole with soil.


I have fungus growing in my Bokashi Composter, is this a problem?

That depends on the colour of the fungus!

Patches of white, fluffy fungus is a good indicator that the fermentaion process has worked really well, so congratulations. However a growth of black or dark green coloured fungi denotes that the waste is rotting not fermenting and some action is needed (see above).


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