How to help underweight Hedgehogs


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We've just had this note in from Carole E in Rotherham

"I've just ordered 3 x40g tubs of live meal worms for an orphaned hedgehog that we are hand rearing, as it is only a couple of months old and weighs 340g .

I just wondered if you could add something to your page to ask people to help underweight hedgehogs...

We rang our local Wildlife Trust and they are literally full so they asked us to raise 'Prickles' and release her back into the wild next summer . It would be nice if people ordered more of your live meal worms to leave out for hedgehogs... I know people feed birds regularly - we have ordered live grubs from yourselves last spring and we were lucky enough to have nest boxes full of babies... due to the live food available on our garden . We found Prickles rummaging around in the daytime bless now she's in a suitable house with warmth, food and clean fresh water...and she is so content lol x"

From about middle of October until the spring ANY hedgehog weighing less than about 450g should be picked up and advise got from from a local rescue centre or hedgehog carer.

You can tell from the way a Hoggy looks if he or she is likely to have a problem. If the hoggy is healthy when turned onto its back he or she will be almost round. So that means that the distance between the head and the tail and from side to side should be near enough equal.

If the head to tail is much longer than side to side, then it is very underweight & thin.

There's lots more advice from The British Hedgehog Society and of course you'll know that Hoggies love our Hedgehog food and they really like a Live Mealworm Treat, and if you need a house for hibernation and shelter have a look here

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