What to feed birds now...

We have found several dead birds in and around our farm since those really cold nights - minus 13 and beyond... Most of them are young birds and I think they have failed to work out where the warmer parts of the farm are... The cowsheds are one of the most popular roosting sites. Birds lose so much weight overnight that a good breakfast can really help survival rates. Currently I am feeding fat balls, WigglySeed Extra, British Mix, Huskless, Niger and Mealworms. My approach is there's lots of tiny seeds in there to appeal to small birds (hemp, linseed etc), you cant go wrong with sunflowers and sunflower hearts, and mealworms are the equivalent of chocolate to me (and they contain water which really helps when everywhere is frozen solid)I'm also adding another dose of roosting pockets to hide in amongst our wisteria in the house - I'm thinking if there's anywhere near as much warmth escaping from our sash windows as the draft coming in through them (!) this might help protect those little tweeties from the bitter cold.

Here's our latest 5 star review on roosting pockets

Shelley Smith wrote this 5 star review
We purchased 20 of these roosting pockets to place all around our garden. We weren't sure if they'd all get used or not but wanted to offer as much roosting space as possible. We've been delighted to see that they have ALL been used! We've even spied a few while they were in use. They come in different shapes making it perfect for a wide variety of visitors as well as placements. We highly recommend these to anyone thinking of getting them...it's always best to get a few more than you originally think you can accomodate as there's always other places where they will be perfect. Of course the more roosting places in your garden, the more visitors you'll have!


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