How much garden area is being enriched/serviced by the Subpod

There are three ways your garden area is being enriched by the Subpod from nearby to to intermediate distance to as far as your garden extends:

  • worms: As the worms move through the walls of your Subpod, they will gradually improve the soil in the immediate region around the Subpod. If the soil is well mulched, this encourages the worms to move more frequently and further from the Subpod.  This will condition the uppermost region of soil gradually through a whole raised garden bed with several growing seasons. 
  • plants: The roots of plants grown around the Subpod will find their way through the below ground worm holes and draw from the compost directly. These plants will grow very vigorously and that root region will improve the soil structure deeper into the growing bed than compost worms typically travel.
  • people: Spreading the compost castings from the Subpod and sprinkling liquid extracts of the compost casting will allow the nutrients to cover the widest possible area in the shortest time possible.

Subpod is the latest member of the Wiggly composter family. For more details and to order online please wiggle on over to

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