What is Bokashi liquid and how to use it?

“I have Bokashi Organko as a composter. I have Bokashi bran full of effective microorganisms. I have Bokashi liquid that… What should I do with it?”

 What is Bokashi liquid?

During composting by the Bokashi method, we use the bran with effective microorganisms that starts the fermentation process. Using the bran, we prevent the decay of biological waste. Instead, the fermentation process produces Bokashi liquid that needs to be emptied from the Organko regularly.
The Bokashi liquid contains nutrients, therefore, we can use it as a liquid fertiliser for all types of plants (more in the lines below). It is also microbiologically rich – it contains enzymes, natural antibiotics and antioxidants.
If the Bokashi Organko happens to be your best friend and you use it regularly, you may have noticed that the Bokashi liquid changes its colour. Sometimes it is light and sometimes it is extremely dark. How come? Each bio-waste is different, which can also affect the liquid during the fermentation process. That means it constantly changes colour, it depends on the bio-waste you put into the composter. For example, the Bokashi liquid will be darker if you put some beetroot into the Organko.
Also, the amount of the liquid depends on the bio-waste you throw in Bokashi Organko. A lot of fruit will create a lot of liquid, but if a cooked food or bread are added, there will be less liquid.
Don't worry about it – the Bokashi liquid still has many advantages.

How can I use Bokashi liquid?

The Bokashi liquid can be used in several ways.
Undiluted liquid is suitable for maintaining clean drains. It can be poured into a toilet sink, cleaning devices, wash bins and washing sinks. Microorganisms that are presented in the liquid will start the decomposition of detergent, toilet paper and washing powders and will prevent the accumulation of grease in the pipes.
Diluted liquid in the prescribed ratio can be used as an excellent fertiliser for watering houseplants and garden plants. Gardeners and plant lovers, read on to learn how to use the Bokashi liquid.

How to dilute Bokashi liquid?

How you will dilute the liquid with the water depends on the frequency of watering. In case you water your plants once a week or less, dilute the liquid with water in a ratio of 1: 100. This means adding 10 litres of water to 1 dcl of the liquid.
If you water your plants several times a week or more often, we advise you to dilute it in a ratio of 1: 200. This means adding 20 litres of water to 1 dcl of the liquid.
Bokashi liquid is not recommended to be sprayed directly on the fruit, but it is highly desirable to pour it on the roots. You can also pour the liquid directly on the compost pile in your garden. You can dilute it with water as well, especially if you have a lot of dry bio-waste. The function of the liquid on the compost is similar to the function of the bran, so we are sure you will be more than satisfied with its use.

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