Composting in Lockdown

We send an awful lot of organic waste to landfill… You might think this is no problem as it will break down, that’s not exactly what happens. You might think a banana peel will just biodegrade but in order for any organic material to properly decompose it needs to use oxygen. But because landfill is so tightly compacted to fit in as much rubbish as physically possible it begins to break down anaerobically (without oxygen) and when this happens biogas is generated and this is made up mainly of methane which is bad news for all of us as this is particularly harmful to our environment.

Of course as we are all at home so much more due to the Covid Pandemic we are producing much more waste and so we can make a huge difference to the waste mountain and landfill if we compost. But that’s not the only benefit, it does seem slightly mad to transport our waste when we can produce a really good product from it – at home with very little effort.

But for many of us, the pandemic has made us think about our homes and our environment a bit more, and has heightened our awareness on what we are throwing away and what happens to our waste. At the same time many of us have found it economical and fun to garden – whether that’s a few salad leaves on the window sill or a full blown veg and cut flower patch.

Composting at home is brilliant… It recycles our waste into fertiliser and liquid feed, and we have a great ecosystem to share with our children at the same time, so it’s real win win. Making your own wormery or composter is completely practical (here at Wigglys we sell all the insides to get you going in your own kit or you can buy a complete off the shelf kit to get you going… the main point is – Composting is great for the planet and even better for you.

PS: Don’t forget you can freeze your veg waste if you have too much of a glut for your wormery or are waiting to start composting

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