Checking over the Green Johanna and setting it up ready for the garden

With your Green Johanna now in front of you, it’s worthwhile just giving it a quick check to ensure there was no damage in transit to you. You should have a base plate, four ring sections, two hatch doors, a lid and aerator stick. You will also find all the fixings you need included, you just need to have a flathead and crosshead screwdriver to hand.

Now It’s Time To Assemble:

Step 1. Locate the four key circular sections of the Green Johanna. These will be assembled first in decreasing circles moving upwards. Each section has clearly indicated arrows that will help you align the four rings. With the basic shape of the unit now formed, locate the screw holes that will secure the Green Johanna together. Put a screw in each hole and fasten gently, only going half way in with each screw (this allows for a little manipulation as you attach the bottom and lid).

Step 2. With the main body assembled you need to attach the bottom plate. Lift up the Green Johanna and place on top of the base. As with step 1, align both sections so the screw holes are together. Put in the final screws halfway again.

Step 3. It is now time to tighten each screw. This should be done from the base plate upwards. As you tighten each level of the unit, gently push down from above to make sure every part of the unit is secure and doesn’t slip as you fix together. With every screw tightened properly, the Green Johanna will now be solid and stable.

Step 4. You can now place the lid on top of the Green Johanna and put the whole unit in your garden. The two doors at the bottom of the Green Johanna can be screwed shut to prevent animals gaining access, and opened when you want to take out compost.

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