Autumn Grass Seed Sowing: 7 Reasons to Start Your Lawn Now.

Despite the Indian Summer we all know Autumn has arrived, - the days are shorter, and the leaves are just on the turn… However, did you know that September and October are perfect months for sowing grass seed?

Contrary to common belief, the UK’s autumn is not too cold for seed germination. In fact, the recommended soil temperature for successful growth ranges from 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, a threshold that some parts of Southern England even maintain into November.

This means September and October are great months to sow grass seed and they will give your lawn a head start for 2024

Here’s why you should sow your Grass Seed in Autumn!

  1. Optimal Conditions: During autumn, the soil retains more warmth while the air becomes refreshingly cooler, and rainfall becomes more abundant. These factors help create ideal conditions for seed germination.
  2. Fewer Weeds: Springtime often witnesses an onslaught of weed seedlings, posing stiff competition for newly sprouting grass. By sowing in autumn, your grass will have fewer weed challenges as it establishes itself.
  3. A Step Ahead: By choosing autumn for seeding, you gain a significant advantage for the upcoming season. There’s no need to reseed in the spring because you’ll already have a well-established lawn.
  4. Summer-Ready: Sowing in autumn allows your lawn to establish over the winter when your garden sees less activity. In contrast, spring seeding means your lawn will still be developing during the summer, precisely when you want to use it!
  5. Reduced Water Management: Spring-sown seeds demand a lot of to watering, particularly during hot weather. Autumn’s cool rains require less vigilant water management, resulting in less work for you. We like that!
  6. Robust Spring Lawn: Young grass plants have ample time to grow and thrive before the stresses of the next summer arrive. By giving them a head start in autumn, you fortify your lawn, ensuring it’s as robust as possible.
  7. Less Bird Damage: During autumn and winter, there’s less risk of birds wreaking havoc on your seedbeds. Migration and the availability of alternative food sources make your grass seed less appealing at this time of year.

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