Super Suet Savings - Perfect for stocking up for Winter!

Feeding suets to birds is a delightful and nutritious way to attract a variety of avian visitors to your backyard. Suet, a solid block made from rendered animal fat mixed with seeds, grains, and fruits, provides birds with a high-energy food source that helps them thrive, especially during colder months or migration periods. Placing suet feeders in your garden or hanging them from trees allows you to observe a diverse range of species, including woodpeckers, nuthatches and even colourful songbirds. These delectable treats offer birds essential calories and nutrients, aiding in their survival and supporting their active lifestyles. 

We've handpicked these bestselling treats from our range of suets - easy to feed and ideal for cold weather feeding.

This pack contains;

  • 4.5kg of Super Suet Balls
  • 4 Jars of Flutter Butter Original
  • 6 Mixed Suet Cakes
  • 3kg Berry Suet Pellets

FOR JUST £50.40 SAVING 20%!

Save right away!

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