6 Reasons Bokashi Composting is perfect for Kitchen Composting!

1. Manage Food Waste Efficiently: Handle kitchen scraps effectively, reducing waste and your carbon footprint.
2. Odour-Free Composting: Enjoy a smell-free indoor or outdoor composting experience.
3. Save Time: Integrate composting into your routine in under 5 minutes per week.
4. Go Sustainable: Contribute to an eco-conscious lifestyle by reducing waste and carbon emissions.
5. Easy and Practical: Designed for ease, these kits are perfect for composting newbies.
6. Space-Friendly: Ideal for small indoor spaces, perfect for apartments.

Why choose Wiggly?
• Two Decades of Expertise: Benefit from 20 years of Wiggly Wigglers’ Bokashi composting experience.
• Reliable Support: Get expert advice and support for all your composting needs.
• User-Friendly: Wiggly Wigglers’ Bokashi is packed with micro-organisms and easy to use.
• Customisable: Flexibility to create your own Bokashi bins to suit your needs.

Bokashi really is the best method of Kitchen Composting - get started with our kits and bundles here https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/collections/bokashi-composting

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