Wiggly Advent Calendar Day 3: Half Price Fruity Suet Cakes!

Sorry you missed this treat - pop on over to https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/pages/wiggly-advent-calendar to see today's treat :)

🎉 Happy Day 3 of our Festive Advent Calendar! Today, we have an exciting offer that's sure to delight both you and your feathered friends.

Thanks to Rach's fantastic negotiating skills once again, we're thrilled to announce this tip top exclusive daily deal:

🎈 Half-Price "I Love My Birds™ Fruit, Berries & Nuts Cake" - Today Only!

Winter can be a challenging time for our garden birds. Natural food sources are scarce, and the cold weather demands more energy from these tiny creatures. That's where our "I Love My Birds™ Fruit, Berries & Nuts Cake" comes in as a game-changer!

Why Choose Fruit, Berry, and Nut Suet Cakes?

  • Energy-Packed Nutrition: These suet cakes are rich in fats and calories, providing vital energy for birds during the cold months.
  • Varied Diet: The combination of fruits, berries, and nuts offers a diverse range of nutrients, mimicking their natural diet.
  • Attracts a Variety of Birds: The unique blend of ingredients is irresistible to a wide range of bird species, from tiny titmice to vibrant cardinals.
  • Easy to Feed: Simply hang them in your garden, and watch the birds flock to your yard.


Let's help our feathered friends thrive this winter while enjoying the delightful sight of a bustling, bird-filled garden. Click [here] to grab Rach’s amazing deal now!

Wishing you a joyous festive season,

Rach (and The Wiggly Advent Team)

P.S. The Wiggly Advent Calendar is not just about great deals – it's a celebration of nature and the festive spirit! Each day, we're sharing incredible treats for both humans and our wildlife friends. Our aim is to benefit nature and bring joy to your Christmas, while also giving back to our valued and regular customers. Stay tuned for more surprises that nurture our love for the environment and each other! 🌿🎅🏽

See you tomorrow for another treat! And View our whole Wiggly Advent Calendar Here https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/pages/wiggly-advent-calendar

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