Why our COWS have a Spring in their step!

Imagine you are a cow…. in general it’s a pretty good life… You have a manicure regularly, you are vaccinated against deadly diseases, your life span here is on average around 18-20 years and in Winter the good old farmer (Phil) brings you into the barn and ensures you have fresh deep bedding (of straw) and are fed adhoc with hay/grass seed straw. On top of this you have a good mix of cereals twice a day and the barn is airy and fresh water is on tap all day every day. It’s true you are expected to produce a calf once a year (if at all possible) and the positives of this are that your calf is with you from wintertime to the end of October. 

BUT there is a HIGHLIGHT in your year dear Ermentrude… and it happened last week. It’s the day that the grass is ready in the fields and it’s the first day you get let out to enjoy your summer at pasture… You are changing your coat so that is itchy and being able to rub up against the gate post and hedge and you can lie on the grass with the sun on your back… On top of that your chaps are raring to go… I’m sure you get my drift… This year’s stud line up are Erastus, George and Puffin the Bull. 


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