Why does my Subpod smell?

Subpod is the latest member of the Wiggly composter family. For more details and to order online please wiggle on over to  https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/collections/subpod-in-garden-compost-system

  • If your Subpod smells, it indicates that food is rotting before the worms can eat it or there is not enough oxygen in the system.  
  • In most cases, adding more carbon should balance your Subpod out  
  • Add carbon sources such as shredded newspaper or cardboard, coconut peat, wood shavings, dry leaves or sawdust each time you feed your Subpod.
  • Have you been using your aerator?  Each time you add your food waste make sure you use the compost aerator to mix the scraps thoroughly whilst also adding oxygen to the Subpod, which creates a healthy, fresh-smelling aerobic environment.

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