Why Bokashi?

Getting into Bokashi composting to tackle your food waste is a smart move with lots of perks. Just picture the positive impact if everyone handled their own food waste.

1. Less Trash in Landfills: In the UK, about 20% of household waste dumped in landfills is food (source: WRAP). If we all actively managed our food waste, we’d lighten the load on landfills and cut down on methane emissions.

2. Happy Soil, Tasty Veggies: Turn food scraps into nutrient-packed compost to boost soil health. This means better-tasting and more nutritious veggies, plus it supports your gut health from the ground up.

3. Save Cash, Help the Community: Managing your food waste saves money for local authorities, which can then be used for community services.

4. Climate and Carbon: Responsible food waste management reduces carbon emissions, aligning with the UK’s climate goals. It also encourages sustainable consumption habits to lower carbon footprints.

5. Green Living with Bokashi: Use Bokashi to bring your garden to life! It reduces methane emissions, enriches soil, attracts wildlife, and creates a thriving ecosystem.

Here At Wigglys, we’re all about Bokashi. It significantly improves soil health, diverting organic waste from landfills and contributing to a healthier planet. We use Bokashi in our Cowsheds to pre-compost before adding manure to the fields.

Our Dried Bokashi Active Bran, made on our farm in Blakemere, is at the heart of this. Bokashi, meaning “ferment” in Japanese, is an innovative and practical solution for recycling food waste. It’s perfect for small spaces, simple, inexpensive, and sustainable, improving your soil, your crops, and your gut health. Homegrown veggies fed with homemade Bokashi and compost are packed with nutrients!

With 20 years of composting expertise, we’re here to provide top-quality, eco-friendly waste management solutions. We love Bokashi and think you will too. Whether you DIY or buy a ready-made kit, committing to recycling your food waste with Bokashi enriches your soil and supports a sustainable practice for a positive impact on our planet.

Get started with Bokashi Composting Today at https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/collections/bokashi-composting

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