Real LIVE Wiggly Wigglers!

Yes, these Wiggly Wigglers are live‚ but you will be pleased to learn that they don't smell and despite being called mealworms they're not really worms at all! They are the larvae of a flour beetle (Tenebria Molitor).

Whatever the technical term of these Wigglers the following Garden Birds will be very very pleased on their arrival. It has been known that they will even eat these out of your hand!

Here's a quick guide to birds that are particularly partial to mealworms:

Robin, Dunnock, Blackbird, Blackcap,Blue Tit, Great Tit, Sparrow, Song Thrush, Starling

Unlike maggots their diet is vegetarian (they are particularly partial to a carrot) so this makes them easy to deal with and safe to feed to wildlife.

They consist of over 50% crude protein and so are absolutely brilliant to feed throughout the year. At this time of year they are particularly valuable - Not only are your birds under severe stress - building a home laying eggs and caring for their young they also have to find natural sources of protein rich bugs, worms and caterpillars to feed their young. Fledglings in the next have no way of drinking water so these live foods provide water as well as protein. This means if you can provide mealworms on tap throughout the breeding season those young birds will have a far greater chance of surviving and thriving.

Mealworms are sold by weight - 1 kilo is approximately 11800 worms and come in breathable tubs which makes them very easy to deal with (you do need a cool place to store them like a garage or similar) You can order as few as 3 x 40g tubs (ONLY £6.50! ORDER HERE!) or if you want to ensure you have regular supplies set up a Subscribe and Save which will ensure they come regularly (you can choose weekly or monthly etc) and it will save you about 10% in pennies as well.


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