We've given away 5 more Charity Grants!

Thanks to the incredible support by our customers we have awarded 30 charities with a grant of £200 to help them at this hard time.

We gave £1 for every order placed that was £40 or over, plus gave all customers the chance to donate at the checkout - and so far we've given away £7000!

For more information and to apply, please wiggle on over to https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/pages/wiggly-corona-and-wildlife

Find details of the 5 Charities below :)



Hog's Haven

They Rescue and rehabilitate wild hedgehogs in South Oxfordshire

They will put the money towards buying a 2nd Tlc 40 incubator as its desperately needed. 




Baddeley Green Hedgehog Rescue Centre

They Rescue injured/poorly/lost hedgehogs in Staffordshire

They are going to use the funding for Food, bedding, hutches, medication, heat pads, microscope slides, bowls, cleaning equipment 

More information here: https://www.instagram.com/bghedgehogrescuecentre/





Heavenly Hedgehogs

They rescue Wild hedgehogs and rehabilitate them until strong enough to return to the wild. They hope to give as many hedgehogs and other wildlife as much chance at survival as possible picking specific areas and sites for them to rehome and grow in numbers. 

They will put it towards a respirator /incubator as they haven’t got one with Winter approaching.

More information here: https://helpwildlife.co.uk/rescues/0022/





Hedgepigs and Hoglets Rescue

They rescue rehabilitate and release hedgehogs in Oxfordshire

They are going to use the funding to support them in keeping open & to be able to stock up on drugs meds and food, and not worry so much about the future.





Uk Wild Otter Trust

They rehabilitate orphaned otter cubs and return them to the wild.

They are going to use the funding to to secure feed costs and veterinary bills. 

More information here: http://www.ukwildottertrust.org/

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