How to get young children interested in Composting?

Here are a few tips for all of you green-fingered parents and grandparents on how to get your little one interested in your wormery.

1. Show them this episode of Peppa Pig! This is a great way to great young children interested in the idea of worms and the basics of what composting does, you could show them this before you setup your wormery and get them introduced to the worms that way!

2. There are a number of books on amazon about Worms and what they do - these may be a great start! Here are a couple and

3. Introduce them to the worms straight from the bag! They may be squeamish so let them see the worms from afar and decide on their own if they'd like to hold them. At this point you could also get them to think of a few names for the worms.

4. Make it part of their routine to check on the worms or to add material. Try to get them to do this something like once every few days or when ever they visit, not only can you explain the workings of your wormery but i'm sure they'll enjoy seeing the waste from the last time they checked disappear.

5. Once you've got some worm casts or worm tea let them help you put it onto the garden to help your plants . They'll have seen the whole process from the food waste to great food for your plants!

6. It also helps that our new Urbalive Worm Composter comes in a range of bright colours that are impossible to ignore! No longer does your wormery sit in the corner of the garden invisible to children so you may as well get them involved!


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